Recruiting the best MLG players

cG13 is now recruiting top notch MLG players. Please go to the forum and inquire if you would like to try out.

G13 Merging to Glory

Hey Guys it’s JpKool As most of you may know we’ve been having convos here and there over the last year about joining up with OhSoNerdy over at Glory Gaming. Today I have officially made the transition over, With the Up and coming games like Destiny and COD:AW we will… Read more →

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Welcome to the G13 Website. We have officially merged with For Glory. It's been quite a ride, welcome to the next level of professional gaming. Congrats to all. All XIII Members are invited to place "Glory" in their gamertag in place of the "XIII". You may continue to use XIII if you would like as well. Regards, -H